An Hundred Men we lost before

The colonial dock, also called the military dock or wharf, was built in the autumn of 1758. Part of the waterfront structure lies exposed in several ft. of water. From 2002-2004, Bateaux Below, Inc., armed with a state permit, conducted an archaeological mapping of the submerged structure. I did this drawing while snorkeling over the site while the underwater archaeologists inspected the 18th century sunken site. Bateaux Below underwater archaeologists showed me their site plan of the colonial dock and told me the wharf was constructed using logs and rocks. Some of the logs were notched to construct a crib-like structure. Then rocks were put inside the cribs to give the structure stability. Today, 250 years after the wharf was built, it has partially fallen apart. However, you can still make out how it was fashioned.

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