We gladly would be marching back

In June 2008, underwater archaeologist Joseph W. Zarzynski of Bateaux Below, Inc. and his team placed a replica of a 1758 British bateau wreck on the bottom of Lake George. The 30 ft. long replica, constructed over the 2007-2008 school year by Technology students from Maple Avenue Middle School in Saratoga Springs, New York, was strategically sunk in shallow water, about four ft. deep, off a pedestrian walkway. The State of New York granted permission for the replica bateau ?reck to be in the water for three years to provide non-diving visitors an opportunity to see what one of the underwater bateaux would look like. This art piece is an imagination of a French & Indian War-era bateau underwater, covered in algae as though it had been lying on the bottom of the lake for 250 years. Difflugia is a type of testate amoebae that often has a tail-like protrusion at the opposite end from its aperture. The curve of the amoeba's "tail" echoes the "ribs" of the bateau.

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