An art gallery exhibit in conjunction with Bateaux Below, Inc., Lake George Arts Project, Miller Mechanical Services, Inc., National Science Foundation, Pepe Productions, and Wiawaka Holiday House.


The exhibit will convey the results of a recent art/science collaboration in which the exhibit team used their artistic talents and scientific expertise to develop new and exciting methods of exploring the underwater frontiers of Lake George, New York, USA. In doing this collaborative endeavor the team seeks not only to share this information, but also to draw the audience into the intricate processes of art and science investigation. The project commemorates the 250th anniversary of the British forces at Lake George "raising the fleet" in 1759, and it draws together for the public the archaeological study of shipwrecks and the scientific study of protozoa, in this case the single-cell amoebae found living in the lake.

This online version of the exhibit contains three sections. The project background section provides information about the site's history and related archaeological research. The methodology section explains how the archaeologists, biologists, and the artist came together to create the exhibit. The final section exhibits the artwork produced by this project.