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Yongala: A Crowd Sourced Collection

<em>SS Yongala</em>

SS Yongala.  Photo taken prior to 1911.


The Shipwrecks Over Time – Yongala project is an experiment in crowd-sourced image collecting. In an effort to capture the changes over time on an in situ shipwreck, sport divers and archaeologists have contributed photographs of a single wreck over the span of several years. Our goal is to recruit additional images from divers who have visited the site. As the image collection grows so too will the opportunity to study site formation processes over time. We strongly encourage anyone with additional knowledge of individual photos, the wreck in general, or further images to contribute to contact us at .  This collection houses images of the shipwreck Yongala located off of Queensland, Australia.

The images are organized below by year and month.  If you would like to contribute your diving images of SS Yongala to this collection please click here to go to our contributor page and thank you for visiting the Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

Yongala: A Crowd Sourced Collection