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Lithograph of the CSS Georgia

 The CSS Georgia Project Digital Archive is a repository for digital materials related to the Civil War shipwreck archaeological investigation in the Savannah River.  This collection currently includes educational resources, public outreach materials, videos, and photographs.  This archive is a work in progress and will continue to grow.  Be sure to check back to see new CSS Georgia related public outreach materials, including an upcoming online exhibit built around this collection.

The archive is divided up into the following resource groups for your viewing:

CSS Georgia Project Digital ArchiveEducational Resources

Suggested Educational Resources.


CSS Georgia Project Digital ArchiveNews Archive

News articles related to the CSS Georgia dating from 1862 to 2012.


CSS Georgia Project Digital ArchivePublic Outreach Events

The CSS Georgia archaeological team is dedicated to sharing their research with the public.  This collection contains presentations in PowerPoint, video, and photographs. 


CSS Georgia Project Digital ArchiveVideo and Photo Archive

Take a tour of the dive barge, watch archaeologists at work, and view the wreck in this collection of finished and raw video.


CSS Georgia Project Digital ArchiveOther Resources

You can read the report, In Situ Archaeological Evaluation of the CSS Georgia Savannah Harbor, Georgia here.