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2017 Session 13: The Archaeology of Manila Galleons, Past, Present and Future

This session will focus on a specific part of the rich maritime history of the Asia Pacific region, the Manila Galleons. These ships traversed between…

2017 Session 9: Maritime/Underwater Cultural Heritage in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia (SEA) has been rich in maritime and underwater cultural heritage (UCH) over a long period, from ancient pre-history, through the age of…

2017 Session 8: Management of Underwater Cultural Heritage Sites and Conservation of Wet Archaeological Materials

This session will focus on in-situ preservation and conservation management issues, conservation analyses and treatments, and applied conservation…

2017 Session 7: Underwater Cultural Heritage Politics, Laws, Ethics and Values


All cultural materials are potentially cultural resources. However, because not all of them can be preserved or studied, choices must be made based on…

2017 Session 6: History and Current Trends of Underwater Archaeology around East Asia

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East Asia is extremely rich in underwater cultural heritage, such as conventional shipwrecks under the sea, submerged settlement sites on the bottoms…

2017 Session 5: Iran’s Maritime Cultural Landscape


The country of Iran benefits from having a long coastline. Sea spaces and coastlines were attractive settlements for humans throughout history. These…

2017 Session 4: Ensuring a Sustainable Future for UCH: Museums and Public Engagement

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Cultural heritage derives its value from societal contexts, and so public engagement plays an important role in growing support for, and interest in…

2017 Session 3: Ceramic trade and cross-cultural exchange from Asian-Pacific region to the world


Ceramics are the crucial cultural materials for understanding the cross-cultural exchange from Asian-Pacific region to the world. This session will…

2017 Session 2: Maritime and Underwater Archaeology along the South American Pacific


The Pacific has been a central feature in coastal – as well as continental – South Americans’ social lives since their arrival to the continent.…

2017 Session 1: Underwater and Maritime Archaeology and Capacity Building in the Pacific Islands

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The Pacific Ocean contains a wealth of underwater cultural heritage (UCH) spanning human history from the Stone Age to the atomic age. Since the…

Proceedings of the 2017 Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage


The Asia-Pacific Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage (APCONF) aims to address management and protection strategies of underwater cultural…

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CSS Georgia Project News Archive

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The CSS Georgia Project Digital Archive

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The CSS Georgia Project Digital Archive is a repository for digital materials related to the Civil War shipwreck archaeological investigation in…

Poster Session 2014


Posters presented at the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage

Session 15: Legal Framework for the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage


The legal framework for the protection of the underwater cultural heritage has gained momentum throughout the Asia-Pacific with a number of States…

Session 14: Pre-Hispanic Navigation


Navigation was not unknown in the Americas, at the Spaniards arrival different kind of vessel were in use both in the Pacific and the Atlantic shores,…