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The CSS Georgia Project Digital Archive is a repository for digital materials related to the Civil War shipwreck archaeological investigation in…

Poster Session 2014


Posters presented at the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Underwater Cultural Heritage

Session 15: Legal Framework for the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage


The legal framework for the protection of the underwater cultural heritage has gained momentum throughout the Asia-Pacific with a number of States…

Session 14: Pre-Hispanic Navigation


Navigation was not unknown in the Americas, at the Spaniards arrival different kind of vessel were in use both in the Pacific and the Atlantic shores,…

Session 13: Maritime and Underwater Archaeology of the Indian Ocean Region


Maritime archaeology, a new branch of social sciences, took its birth in the Mediterranean Sea in the 19th century and academically it began after…

Session 12: Underwater Cultural Heritage of Southeast Asia


The richness of underwater cultural heritage (UCH) in the Southeast Asian region has been very well known throughout the world. Various shipping…

Session 11: World War II and Underwater Cultural Heritage in the Pacific


Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH) from World War II is extensive throughout the Asia/Pacific Region. It encompasses numerous warships from many…

Session 10: Indigenous Cultural Landscapes and Biocultural Resources in Hawaii and the Pacific


Responding to the effort to protect both natural and cultural resources within the marine environment for the benefit of present and future…

Session 9: History and Current Trends of Underwater Archaeology around East Asia

Asia-Pac Conference Session 9 Interview.pdf

East Asia is rich in maritime and underwater cultural heritage. Not only conventional shipwrecks or submerged archaeological sites but also stone…

Session 8: Ceramics from Shipwrecks, Harbours, Ports and Related Archaeological Sites


Trade ceramics have usually been found together with other evidence in many ancient shipwrecks, harbours, ports, trade centers, hinterlands and…

Session 7: Preservation and Conservation of Wet Archaeological Materials and Site Management


This session will focus on in-situ preservation and conservation management issues, conservation analyses and treatments, and applied conservation…

Session 6: Iberian Global Interactions: the Manila Galleon and the Roteiro


The arrival of Spain and Portugal in Asia-Pacific in the 1500s marked a turning point in the history of the region. New foreign actors came into play:…

Session 5: Early Modern Colonialism in the Asia-Pacific Region


Research on early modern colonialism in the Asia-Pacific region makes a fundamental contribution to the study of Global History. In the last decades,…

Session 4: Underwater Cultural Heritage in Oceania


The Pacific Ocean contains a wealth of underwater cultural heritage. Underwater sites in Oceania span human history from the Stone Age to the Atomic…

Session 3: Underwater Cultural Heritage, Museums, and Sustainable Development

Session 3: Underwater Cultural Heritage, Museums, and Sustainable Development Editor’s note: Although Dr. Jeffery refers to Session 2 in his interview it was later changed to Session 3. He also discusses Session 11.

Underwater cultural heritage holds a vast potential for sustainable development. It is a very interesting and attractive form of heritage, appreciated…