A rectangular, wood foundation was excavated in the south-central portion of the project area. The foundation measured 20-x-25 feet and was likely constructed some time before 1859, shortly after the filling of Yerba Buena Cove.

A large quantity of carefully placed wood and metal debris was observed adjacent to the east side of the wood foundation. This consisted mostly of salvaged materials, including hull planking, a ship's cabin door, Muntz metal sheathing, and a portion of a hatch cover. The placement of these materials suggests that they may have been used as a work area or porch, given that the location of the wood foundation originally stood on shallowfill that was likely subject to tidal activity during the late 1850s.

Workers most likely avoided sinking into the mud by stepping around on the strategically placed wood and Muntz metal. Approximately 12 horizontally placed boards, forming a ramp, were placed against the east side of the foundation between the work area and the foundation. A perpendicular support beam was located underneath the boards adjacent to the wood foundation. It is possible that the area was used as a storage surface prior to its demolition.

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