British Map of St. Augustine 1763
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In 1763 Spain ceded Florida to England as part of the negotiations that ended the Seven-Years War. Establishing English control over a region that had been in Spanish hands for over 200 years would prove difficult.

Despite English attacks in 1702 and 1740 Spain retained control of Florida until 1763 when it ceded the territory to England in the Treaty of Paris at the end of the Seven-Years War. They gave away Florida for the return of some of their possessions in the Caribbean captured during the war.

On July 30 1763 Major Francis Ogilvie and the 9th regiment took control of St. Augustine to govern the colony for thirteen months until the new governor could arrive. What remained of St. Augustine suffered from plunder at the time of turnover, abandonment, and Indian attacks. Supplies were greatly needed. The transport sloop Industry was bringing these supplies when it sank on 6 May 1764.

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