Urdaneta and the health cargo of the Tornaviaje

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Urdaneta and the health cargo of the Tornaviaje


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Spain and the Asia-Pacific region


The aim of this paper is to analyze the food cargo of Urdaneta’s Tornaviaje and it’s direct consequences over the health of his sailors. The paper will focus on health issues on board, specially in view of the unknown route that they would follow to go back to the Americas. We will focus on how Urdaneta planned to overcome problems related to prolonged stays at sea, specially health problems due to lack of fresh food. Through contemporary accounts and diaries, we know that Urdaneta understood the necessity of having fresh fruits on board, and took action to ensure the safety of his crew by introducing local fruits from the Philippines such as coconuts. His efforts were successful, and his perilous trip was made with less than 10% of mortality, with no direct mention to scurvy.


Xabier Armendáriz


November 2011



Xabier Armendáriz, “Urdaneta and the health cargo of the Tornaviaje,” The MUA Collection, accessed October 21, 2018, http://www.themua.org/collections/items/show/1218.

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