Luso-Asian influences in Macaronesia

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Luso-Asian influences in Macaronesia


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Diversity in approaches to maritime archaeology, underwater cultural heritage and related areas


In early 1607 when the East India Company was preparing to send its first fleet to India, four Asian men were already in London and requested work on these ships as a means to getting home. The men all had Portuguese names; Marcus, John Mendes, John Rodrigues and John Taro. Where did these men come from and what was their story? Through original interdisciplinary fieldwork in Macaronesia, as well as in South and Southeast Asia this paper is an investigative research into the origin of the earliest medieval seaborne Asians to arrive into the Atlantic Ocean from their homelands in the Indo-Pacific regions. Throwing light on a narrative that has been usually projected from the perspective of “European pioneers” from the opposing direction.


Cliff Pereira


November 2011



Cliff Pereira, “Luso-Asian influences in Macaronesia,” The MUA Collection, accessed October 21, 2018,

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