Project Details
Principal Investigator: Dr. Nathan Richards
Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. David Stewart
Staff Archaeologist: Calvin Mires
Dive Safety: Steve Sellers

Funding and Support
National Geographic Society / Waitt Grants Program (
Program in Maritime Studies, East Carolina University (
Bermuda Maritime Museum (
Department of Conservation Services, Government of Bermuda (

Dr. Nathan Richards, Dr. David Stewart, Calvin Mires, Peter Campbell, Jacqueline Marcotte, Morgan MacKenzie, Tyler Morra, Eric Ray, Lindsay Smith, Joyce Steinmetz, Matt Thompson, John Wagner, Lyz Wyllie, Jeanette Hayman.

The Program in Maritime Studies, East Carolina University
Google Earth
Collection of Jill Amos Raine
Collection of Irving Hayward
Collection of Anthony Pettit
Department of Conservation Services, Government of Bermuda

This project could not have occurred without the assistance of the National Geographic Society and the Waitt Foundation for Discovery (in particular Mark Christmas, Chris Sloan, and Dr. Fabio Amador).  Additionally, Dr. Edward Harris, Elena Strong, Andrew Harris and other staff of the Bermuda Maritime Museum and Dr. Philippe Rouja and Mandy Shailer of the Department of Conservation Services, Government of Bermuda were pivotal in providing the support and logistics for fieldwork.  We would like to thank Mr. Calvin Trott and Mr. Dwayne Trott of the Bermuda Sea Cadets (T.S. Admiral Somers) for their hospitality with lodgings.  Important logistical support and advice came from other employees at East Carolina University, including Melody Bentz (Grants and Contracts, Research and Graduate Studies), Steve Sellers (Director, Diving and Water Safety, Institute for Coastal Science and Policy), and Dr. John Chinn (Director, University Office of Research Compliance and Administration, Research and Graduate Studies).  We would also like to thank Jimmy Moore, PhD candidate at the University of Rhode Island for his assistance with corrosion analysis. Last but not least, Kurt Knoerl and Michelle Damian have our appreciation for the concepts, design and construction of this digital exhibit with the Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

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